About us

Cawsey Audio was founded by Garry Cawsey as means to design and hand produce musical reproduction components capable of unfurling the emotional communication between performer and listener.

Underpinned by 35 years of research and product development, Cawsey produces an unique range of hand crafted products recognized and sold both locally and internationally.

Each element of every product is extensively researched to assure the finest quality and hand-assembled by Garry himself in his studio in Thornbury.

There is no middle man, no factory production-line. Just hand-made audiophile products of peerless quality and craftsmanship.

Extending established theory, Garry has mastered the realization of power conditioning, cables, amplifiers, and now a new range of speakers for audio/visual reproduction and pristine home audio set-ups.

It is our philosophy to offer peerless components that enable the emotion of a performance to reach the listener; that are free from fatiguing artifacts and so can unfurl the music, dramatise the A/V experience and the fun of gaming.

You are welcome to come and visit Garry’s studio to experience the peerless, deeply refined sound stage of his custom product range for yourself.

The newest project on the table currently is the design of a new and exciting single-stage power amp.